The Sterling Packaged System (Quickpac)

If your facility can not afford downtime and the circumstances are right, a packaged refrigeration system is a great option. Your installation will not only cost less with a packaged system, but it will be an easier process as well. The packaged system from Sterling Refrigeration, Quickpac, is constructed in our shop to maximize efficiency and reliability while still using efficient ammonia refrigeration technology.

Have the Quickpac installed and enjoy the high performance you’re looking for.

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The Advantages of Packaged Systems

When you have a packaged system you will enjoy perks:

  • Quick Installation – Since it is preassembled, installation is a breeze.

  • Cost-Efficient – Not only is installation cheaper, but the operating cost over the course of its lifetime is less expensive than standard options.

  • Adaptability – You will get as much customization as possible for your specific refrigeration requirements.

  • Compliance Check – With the lower amount of refrigerant that a packaged system uses, your compliance requirements for PSM are considerably less stringent.

A packaged system is the perfect solution for customers with small, dedicated spiral freezer refrigeration system. When you choose a packaged system, you will not only enjoy the added benefits., but you will also know that you are getting the same efficient, environmentally-friendly ammonia refrigeration technology  that Sterling Industrial Refrigeration is known for.

We Meet Your Needs and Beyond

When you work with Sterling Refrigeration, you can be assured all of your concerns will be addressed before the installation process and implemented during installation. Every action is performed by our experienced team with safety first. With our quality experience since 1995, we assure your facility will thrive with our efficient, simple packaged refrigeration units.

For the ongoing care and service of your new system, you can rely on us and our comprehensive services.