Custom Industrial Refrigeration Installations For Reliable Performance

The nationwide team at Sterling Industrial Refrigeration can show you what an efficient, state of the art refrigeration system looks like–delivered on time and right on budget. The possibility of problems down the line is negligible because of our expert engineering. We promise great results that save energy over time, making the payback period for the owners shorter.

Emergencies Call:

Each project is engineered specifically for your facility, making sure to pay special consideration to your distinct needs. Choose Sterling Refrigeration, and you are choosing a design and installation you will be satisfied with for years down the line.

We Care For Your Interests

All Installations have countless considerations. Our experienced site supervisors and subcontractors are equipped to handle a wide variety of situations for any application. No matter what your needs, we have a track record of successes. Sterling builds in redundancy for uninterrupted production, and one of our engineers will be your project manager. Sterling is accountable for the entire installation, and we will ensure the final products meets your highest standards and expectations.


When it is time to expand your capacity, Sterling will design and engineer the new line(s) to ensure it works in unison with your existing layout. You won’t need to go through the hassle of a separate design firm followed by a mechanical installer. We understand how to maximize your existing system and will carry the process through from start to finish.

Special Considerations

We use every step of the construction process to maximize efficiency: the layout of the engine room, piping design, placement of valves and specialized training on all the new processes to ensure that you have the most cost efficient and high performance refrigeration system possible. It all starts with your customized engineered design which then gets properly executed during the installation.