T&M Repairs to Minimize Your Downtime

Prevent a larger headache with the help of the responsive technicians at Sterling Industrial Refrigeration. Sterling knows how to diagnose whatever problem you are experiencing and provides repairs and parts for any component of your refrigeration system.

Emergencies Call:

Sterling Industrial Refrigeration offers fairly priced services for production facilities and cold storages in our service areas. Let us show you how small your downtime can really be and how we can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping you in production and running optimally.

You are one Sterling industrial refrigeration repair away from functional equipment.

Common Maintenance Problems

Our Senior Service Technician can address these before an incident erupts into a system shutdown:

  • Compressors – If your compressor goes, it is a big, expensive problem. As soon as something goes wrong, we can minimize future repairs by responding immediately to any compressor problem.

  • Shaft Seals – This is an important part of your compressor and commonly needs replacing.

  • Control Valves – Your system has a lot of valves it depends on. We can target and replace any trouble spots.

  • Electrical Issues – Being experienced in electrical services is something crucial for a refrigeration technician, and techs at Sterling Refrigeration provide that knowledge and skill set.

These are just a few of the most common repairs. If you are experiencing any difficulty whatsoever with your equipment, we can resolve it with emergency service. We also provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to help avoid these problems in the first place.

Get Fast Assistance if Something Goes Wrong

Repairs, whether obvious or lurking within your refrigeration system, need prompt attention for the survival of your business.

Our experienced team can provide services, promising:

  • Fairly calculated pricing

  • Unsurpassed expertise

  • Dedication to safety, efficiency and simplicity