Experience Maximum Efficiency With State-of-the-Art Engineering Solutions

Trusting a company to engineer an industrial refrigeration system is a big job, to say the least. But when you work with a Professional Engineer from Sterling Refrigeration, the process is carefully planned out and constructed to put you at ease.

Emergencies Call:

Our methods for engineering extreme low temperature Ammonia refrigeration systems will leave you with a system you’ll never have to worry about, no matter what type of facility you have.

You will enjoy a noticeable improvement with our engineering refrigeration solutions.

With our engineering design and execution, you can expect:

  • Reliability – A combination of tried and true engineering solutions and cutting edge new methods creates a system not prone to breakdowns/part failures, with built in redundancy.

  • Consistency – We set the COLD standard. Your product will stay at optimal temperature without your system constantly having to be adjusted or repaired .

  • High Efficiency – Efficiency is something we take very seriously in every step of the process. You should be enjoying the same great design years down the road, and with us, you will.

We Take Extensive Steps to Produce Quality Work

We engineer systems for new installations, replacements and expansions.

Everything begins with an analysis. What type of facility do you have? How big is your space? What will the temperatures have to be? What is the product? What plans do you have for your facility in the future?

After we are finished thoroughly assessing your needs, we will create the design and prepare for installation. During the construction of your new system, we may use 3D CAD drawings to anticipate and avert any unforeseen issues.

  • Full Service – You can have us as your go-to refrigeration experts for not only top-of-the-line spare parts but for every service you need for your equipment to be successful in your industry.

  • Attentive Experts – We’re only a phone call away for any questions, concerns or emergencies related to your refrigeration system.
    Ammonia Refrigeration Expertise – If you’re unsure about a part you need replaced, we are happy to explain what you need and why you need it. We don’t recommend any unnecessary replacements, repairs or installations.

Choose Sterling Refrigeration For the Highest Quality and Unmatched Engineering needs.

Our number one concern is safety. Efficiency and simplicity are close seconds. With these three qualities engineered into your new system, it will operate the way you want it to for years in the future where other systems would have failed.