Customized Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance Options

Regular maintenance is necessary for your bottom line. With so much at risk if you experience a breakdown, catching problems before they snowball is important.

Every food processing facility has its own maintenance needs depending on the type of the equipment, the age of the equipment and of course, your production schedule. Sterling Refrigeration has flexible, customizable options for your complete maintenance. Our Preventative Maintenance programs will not only meet your needs but will ensure you are compliant for all OSHA requirements for your ammonia refrigeration system.

Emergencies Call:
Want to decrease your overall costs? Preventative refrigeration maintenance is a very effective way.

The Sterling Difference

When you work with the trusted professionals at Sterling Refrigeration, you can expect:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Our preventative maintenance service is designed to keep you up and running. Our Senior Service Technicians are trained to care for your equipment before you have an unexpected failure. Our service program keeps you ahead of the game by maintaining your equipment to meet or exceed manufacturer’s and industry standards which lessens the likelihood of equipment failure.

  • Opportunities to Decrease Operating Costs – Our Senior Service Technicians are trained to keep an eye out for any part of your equipment and refrigeration system that can be adjusted or fine-tuned to increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

  • Expert Knowledge – Our Senior Service Technicians are all credentialed and have an average of almost 20 Years of experience. Every visit is planned out and detailed in advance.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions – After you receive maintenance from us, you will have access to online records so that you can always view your equipment’s history of maintenance at any time.

  • Instant Email Notification – We consider communication to be a top priority, so after our maintenance visit, we will send you an email with a detailed summary of that visit.

Our preventative maintenance programs are scheduled according to your needs:

  • Daily – Plant operation

  • Weekly – System inspections

  • Monthly – Oil draining

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-annually – Oil & vibration analysis,

  • Annually – Ammonia detector calibration, system safety checks, valve exercise

Trusted Maintenance Experts Since 1995

When you choose a company for industrial refrigeration services, you want to be sure you have access to professional maintenance solutions. Sterling Refrigeration takes cares of all the critical parts of your operations, you should find comfort in knowing your maintenance needs are supported by over 300 years of combined ammonia refrigeration knowledge.