Sterling is the Quality Choice For Emergency Industrial Refrigeration Service

If you are experiencing a failure that has production stopped, you can’t wait. Sterling Industrial Refrigeration is the company to call 24/7 for prompt, emergency industrial refrigeration repair. Minimizing your downtime and getting you up and running is the first priority. Thousands of dollars can be saved with quick action from our Senior Service Technicians. Of course all work will be in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards. The success of your business is the ultimate concern.

Emergencies Call:

We provide emergency service to any industrial refrigeration facility, including those who have worked with us before, new referrals and anyone in need. We have a team that can provide quick response in the areas that we service.

We can perform emergency refrigeration repair for any part of your system.

Common Emergency Repairs

If this equipment fails, and production has been interrupted, give us a call. When production is down, you cannot afford to wait, the time to act is now – give Sterling Refrigeration a call.

  • Compressor down via mechanical/electrical

  • Ammonia liquid pump not delivering adequate pressure

  • Coolers, freezers, Contherms, spiral freezers not making temperatures

  • System control setpoints and or adjustments

  • Ammonia release/leaks

  • Electrical control troubleshooting

  • Emergency pump-outs/shutdowns

  • Chiller repairs

Why Choose Sterling Refrigeration For Emergencies

We can provide these repairs regardless of brand, size, industry or age of the equipment. Any repair will be performed to the highest standards. Quality is still the major focus even with our fast turnarounds.

When you work with Sterling Refrigeration, you are receiving service from a highly rated and very specialized company. This is important, because all of our focus is centered around ammonia refrigeration with 300 years of combined experienced in the industry.

We are also a favored choice in emergencies because of:

  • Comprehensive Refrigeration Services – We have the experience and expertise to get you running again as quickly as possible. We can handle all of your headaches, so keep our number handy.

  • Quick Production Restart – We know a lapse in production is more than just an inconvenience.

  • Safety, Efficiency & Simplicity First – These top three values help us deliver the first-class service that we’re known for.