Design & Build

Sterling Industrial Refrigeration has a reputation and history of designing the most efficient and cost effective extreme low temperature Ammonia refrigeration systems. Our staff of professional engineers will use their combined 100 years of experience to develop a refrigeration system that meets your current and future needs.

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We do our refrigeration system design-build to meet your particular needs.

Every project and every refrigeration system is customized according to environmental conditions. There is no cookie cutter approach when designing and engineering a refrigeration system with unique specifications. Sterling Industrial Refrigeration has the capabilities and knowledge to design your ideal system to fit your needs. We meet with you in person to understand your immediate goals and future plans.

Sterling’s systems are engineered and designed for reliability and redundancy so you never have to worry about your product or failures. Sterling sets the COLD standard, so you will never have to worry about temperatures.

To help ensure a smooth construction phase, Sterling uses the most modern 3D CAD Drawings to anticipate issues ahead of time. Our experienced on site supervisors will manage a team of trade professionals during construction. As always, Sterling is accountable for installing the pipe, rigging, insulation, and the electronic components. One of our engineers will be your Project Manager, coordinating everything with your team. We will ensure the final product meets your highest standards and expectations.

Custom Installations

Sterling Industrial Refrigeration specializes in ammonia refrigeration installations for a wide variety of food processing applications. Our designs are fully customized to our customer’s needs by one of our on-staff Professional Engineers. Detailed layouts, P&ID drawings, and electrical point to point drawings are just some of the documents provided by Sterling to the end user.

Packaged Systems

The Sterling Packaged System (Quickpac) is built right in our shop. It’s the perfect solution for customers with a small, dedicated spiral freezer refrigeration system. And since the Quickpac comes pre-piped and prewired, the on-site installation is a snap.


For years we have been assisting new clients in getting the most out of their refrigeration systems with our engineering services. We offer on site engineering evaluations of your facility, providing recommendations for improvements in efficiency and operating practices.